Up-cycled pencil cases

I've always been considering making my own pencil cases and make-up bags. At first I thought it'd be cool to get fabrics with my illustrations digitally printed on them by the likes of Spoonflower or Pixalili, which are both very good for using non-toxic, water-based inks and Spoonflower give the option to use organic cotton fabrics.
As I want Flowermoon to be an eco-conscience, earth-friendly brand this was a very appealing option, but then the idea of up-cycling seemed even more appealing. Reviving unwanted fabrics into something new, using fabric pens, embroidery stitch or lino print to create unique once-off designs! Making beautiful pencil cases/make-up bags that are handmade, up-cycled and eco-friendly.
It all seemed very alluring and fun!  
But then the reality hit, I would be putting a lot of time in to making these and I have no guarantee people will feel the same way I do about them, so I thought I'll do a survey to get people's opinion.

experimenting with prototypes
lino stamps and Sharpies
I made a boo-boo
inner lining (fancy)
...happy with that
with a bit practice I'm getting better

The timing was perfect as I was sharing a stall with Miss Leela Sassafras at the Change Your Mind Festival. It was a good weekend and I got a lot of positive feedback. So it looks like I'll be moving on to the next stage of this endeavor making more pencil cases and introducing them to independent gift shops and see if anyone would like to stock them.

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