Up-Cycled Notebooks

On occasion I like to make my own notebooks from scratch, using old art papers, photocopies and unused artworks that I have no more use for. I've been getting into up-cycling lately and finding ways to make Flowermoon Studio a more eco-friendly brand.  
I thought turning these papers into something that can be used rather than throwing them in the recycling bin was a good idea. I like the Japanese method of book-binding but I don't have that kind of patience to make more than one book, so I turned to my trusty sewing machine Dream Machine Debs to stitch five pages together at a time, then sticking these booklets together with masking tape and Pritt Stick to create one whole notebook. 


I want to invest in proper book tape and binding tape that's acid free, I'm not too sure masking tape is ideal, Pritt stick is good for the moment coz it's non-toxic, solvent free and acid free...
Each book is beautiful and utterly unique. They’re great for jotting down notes and ideas or doodling and perfect for using as a scrapbook of treasured memories. For the moment I only sell these notebooks at markets.

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