Watercolour & colouring pencil
on watercolour paper
with final edit in photoshop.

DreamWeaver is an illustration I made last summer. It was originally made for an Irish charity who wanted artwork based on the theme dreams and wishes for their 2020 calender and Xmas cards. DreamWeaver was inspired by myths and ancient Goddesses, she is a magical entity that lives in some kind of dream dimension. Her thread is made from clouds found in the Somnio Nebula, her knitting needles are made from the finest stardust. She crochets beautiful dreams for the Sandman, every week he collects them from her and he wraps people up in them while they sleep. The illustration shows DreamWeaver tenderly admiring a dream she just finished weaving, behind her is the dream world she lives in. Since the image was donated and not bought it's too lovely an image not to use. I'd like to make t-shirts with it but for the moment I'm going to stick a pin in this project and return to it at a later date.

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