Scamall God

These past weeks I've focused my creativity on completing things that have been left on the long finger, my Scamall God, being one of them. It was originally a turquoise type colour African mask and about three years ago I decided to prime it and give it a new look. I called it Scamall God, scamall (pronounced scaw-mill) is the Irish word for cloud. It rains in Ireland, a lot, especially here in Sligo, hence the idea of Scamall God. 
The mask was white for years left hanging on my wall, every time I passed it I'd tell myself I have to get that done, but alas, it would go in my ever growing to-do list. 
I'm delighted now it's so close to completion, just a few finishing touches, a UV varnish and it's done.
It was a very chilled out enjoyable time I had painting my beautiful Scamall God, he looks so much better now, full of colour and with added silver paint to simulate lightening.

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