Woodland Critters going digital

When I started my collection of Woodland Critter watercolours, I wanted to make a series of paintings that were sweet, simple and straight forward. It was a project I thought I could complete. I have a woeful pattern of not completing projects, my brain has a bad habit of getting bored mid-way through and wanting to a start new one. I get excited and I run out of patience to complete the current project I'm doing, so, I drop it and the cycle continues. It's the discipline of sticking with a project and completing it that I really need to stop ignoring, coz it's not getting me anywhere. I've a box of unfinished projects...

With the quarantine in place, I thought it'd be a good time to put this discipline in to practice and get back into vector art. There are so many beautiful textures and effects nowadays that I think would compliment my artwork. I'll be using my Woodland Critter drawings to experiment. So far I've my rabbits and unicorn near completion in Photoshop but now I'm thinking it's probably better to continue this project in Illustrator.

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