Botanical Birds

A small project I've been keeping myself occupied with during the quarantine are these botanical birds painted on beer coasters. A few years back it was my rule of thumb to always have a pen when I go out. If it was quiet, beer coaster were great for doodling on.
I was always curious though, how well would a beer coaster hold up as a canvas? So many coasters end up on the ground and in the bin, it seemed like a waste of what could be a potential art surface.
I had a handful laying around that I hogged from two local pubs a few months back. With the lock down in full swing and no way out to the studio, it seemed liked a good time to quench my curiosity. I primed the beer mats with white acrylic and designed four bird illustrations and transferred them onto the beer mats with tracing paper. I then continued to paint them in with acrylic paint but was having  trouble with them, they looked like they were painted with straw, even though my brushes are nylon.
So I tried watercolour, again wasn't working for some reason? In the end, it was matt emulsion tester pots that worked best, I added watercolour pencil and sharpies for detail.
I've since got flow improver for the acrylic paint, I'll try that with the next batch of beer mat birds rather than the matt emulsion paint...

Work In Progress

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